Calculation according to square metres – including auxiliary material - ceiling, buttons, covering and finishing bars (without underlying wooden bars) incl. 21% VAT
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The original Ceilings

Ceiling cassettes - The Original Ceilings

Ceilings from Jiří Straka - Stavoplast 

Production of ceilings -  sale of ceilings – mounting of ceilings

Plastic ceilings are mounted similar like plasterboard - plasterboard ceiling - that is, on a simple grid. In our case, on a grid of wooden slats. Plastic ceilings – cassettes, assembly instructions.

Ceilings of plastic material differ from polystyrene at first glance. They are not stuck, but nailed on simple wooden grate with cloves. Grate shall be made of wooden strips 2 cm thick and 3.5 to 4 cm wide. Battens shall be screwed to the ceiling in distance of 50 cm. Now it depends of course what the original ceiling is made of. If it is made of concrete or hollow prefabricated panels (so called Hurdis) so we must drill anchors - just 8 mm diameter - and if it is made of planks or plastered reeds, etc., then just longer screws are enough and we can fasten lath directly. Of course battens straighten the laths with some washers, hardboard scraps, chunks, etc. We check all by water level.

Between the slats the polystyrene insulation can be inserted. It again is not stuck but precisely cut and put between the bars.

We start installing ceilings by nailing border plastic strips. These are such U-form holds to which border parts are simply pushed. We hammer down with a special hammer – a tool that we always deliver together with material. When we have thus prepared the room, the first range of plastic soffits we put along a string to preserve accuracy. On the ceiling part, which will be inserted into the border lath  we cut off the so-called locks - those are such prominences, using which the ceilings are nailed.

When the ceilings are nailed across the roof, we screw plastic buttons always into each corner between the ceiling parts.
To this purpose, we use pre-drilled holes of 2 mm diameter.

The buttons should be screwed only halfway.

Now we insert the plastic strip joints between buttons. Around the perimeter of the room, of course, we shorten strips according to the size of cut border ceiling parts.
At the end, we tighten the plastic buttons to make plastic strips fit tightly into the joints of ceiling parts.

Features ceiling and notice

  • Plastic Ceilings have size - 50x50x2 cm
  • Caution - ceilings are made of polystyrene, are made of tough PVC film on tl.1, 1 mm
  • We are the only manufacturer of washable ceilings in Europe
  • Ceilings are intended to compensate, insulation and ceiling decoration
  • It was patented in 1960
  • Ceilings can not buy in any supermarket or in stores
  • The factory - directly to the consumer.

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